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The Pacific One Word Project began in the fall of 2008 as an innovative idea to provide first year students a common point of personal reflection that would help them express their level of self awareness and connect to future aspirations. The project is a purposefully linked initiative aimed at developing the social and emotional competencies (SEC) of Pacific students. The learning associated with the development of these SEC competencies is viewed to be essential in preparing students to enter the global community as responsible leaders.

A talented group of graphic design and photography students were recruited to undertake the development of an artistic process that would capture honest statements of self expression. Due in large part to the high quality artistic work of the student design team, it quickly became apparent that more than just first year students were interested in participating in the Project. Faculty, staff, alumni, and current students throughout Pacific elected to participate in what soon became commonly referred to as simply, One Word. The Project's success transformed the early idea into a celebration of people by displaying the diversity of cultures, individuals, and ideas that unite the members of the Pacific Community.

Those who choose to join the Pacific One Word Community are asked to write a personal reflection as to why they selected their particular word and discuss it with a close group of friends and family members. Within a few weeks of a scheduled photo shoot, individuals receive back an interpretive photograph with their One Word embedded in a black and white artistic photo.

This website contains many members of the Pacific One Word Community, with new members added each week. If you are a past or present member of the Pacific Community and want to participate, please contact the Project Team at to inquire about upcoming One Word sessions.

There are 1861 members of the One Word Community

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