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Callie Decker
Class of 2014

I am molded because of my experiences. The encounters of my lifetime shaped who I am today. Without being molded I wouldn't hold some of the beliefs I have, most certainly the passion that coincides them. Along with my beliefs comes the foundation that set them. When I was ten years old, my mom and I decided to enroll me in swimming for summer sports. I instantly fell in love. The thrill of water as an adolescent grew to a driven competitiveness for the adult swimmer that I came to be. The coaches and people I met throughout my swimming journey have given me the gift of discipline, hope, and respect. Discipline because I would wake at five a.m. just to better myself and my career in the swimming world. Hope because I was fighting for something, a goal larger than the realization of my age at 13. And respect because of my demand authority struck you with; the coaches and parents were there to help you. Many of my coaches participated in the sport itself, thus, giving them the power of time in the developmental aspects of your stroke and experience in the pool. All these gifts allowed me to be molded. Another area where molding took place was in the home. Thanks to my mother and other family members I was able to be molded into a melting pot of their advice. I am a liberal democrat because of the influence my mother had on me. I am an independent woman because of the long line of divorced mothers in my family. I am a woman striving for the betterment of her family because of the effort my mother displays in her workforce. I am an excellent baker all thanks to my grandmother and our weekly Sunday family dinners. I am a die-hard Celtics fan because of my brother. I am looking forward to becoming a criminal defense lawyer because of the cop that mistreated me when I was arrested. I am a leader in relationships because of the boy who broke my heart in high school. I am without religion because of the Lutheran ideals that were constantly shoved down my throat. I am a believer in nature because of the literature I have been exposed to. I am molded. Molded due to the adventures and paths my decisions have taken me. Proud to say this is who I am, proud to be further molded by what the future holds.

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