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Krystal Miguel
Class of 2011
Education Administration and Leadership - Student Affairs

Upon the left of the Goddess seats her seed. The flowers that grow in her heart and bloom into sunshine. Where form meets function alone in the power of her strength. "Rooted in Spirituality" I am indeed rooted in the loyalty of my beliefs. Bound by my feet to the earth, ivy green entwined and thorned. Truth hurts upon this canvas of caramel flesh. Bold in black are blessings of peace, prosperity, and equality. Blessed be Yemeja- Goddess of women. Blessed be the venerable Allah, Jehovah, Confucius, Hanuman- the Gods of men. Follow my culture, follow the vine and know the essence of my duality. Gemini loudly pronounced when the pronouncement is made visible only by me, only for me, but you may see. Behind me is my belief. Strong, magical, pure, and fantastical~the horned horse of lore. Learn me in my musings. My spirit breaths the gray wind of my eastern origins and fills my breast with knowledge. The fire of my passions burn with rage, my heart loves deeply beyond the oceans depths and I am still rooted in my spirituality. I am growing older wiser more entangled with my loves. Lust has no cure, passion has no dam but upon the sacred petals of the lotus the magnificence of ecstasy is not abused. The petulant whimsy of a Daddy's girl is hidden in plain site lest all know the secrets of my sex.

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