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Jovenard Mapanao
Class of 2013
Civil Engineering

Hi! Hello! How are you? The expression "Hi" is such a simple greeting. Relationships all start out with a simple hello. In English, Filipino, Japanese, German, African, or any other language the phenotypic sound may be different, but the meaning is the same. I believe a simple "hi!" is enough to represent my past, present, and future. I came from HI where you can give a Hi! to anyone with no fear, with such a kickback style, life was good. Today, I feel like I can say Hi! to anyone and form this bond, awkward, good, bad, any kind, I can start something with a simple hi! When I see myself, as who I want to be, I want to connect the world. I want to have you see what she sees and he sees and they see. I want to bring an understanding to our world and start it with a simple Hi!

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