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Compassionate :]

Andy Hanson
Class of 2013
Education Administration and Leadership - Student Affairs

I have a lot of love and respect for my family. I decided to call my parents to hear their thoughts on what one word fits me. My mother immediately answered "fun!" to which I heartily chuckled. She then went on saying one word doesn't fit me, adding "smart and handsome too!" as mothers do. Then I asked my father. He gave it a fair moment of thought and concluded: "compassionate". When the silence of thought was broken, I felt as though I'd been wrapped in a warm blanket. I considered how I look to find the good in everyone. I have a passion for people. Student Affairs, Swing Dancing, Free Hugs, Toast of the Town, Sticks and Stones, Safe Trick or Treat and my day to day life embody who I would like to be and who I am. Thank you for your time and please do take care. You're a gem! :D :]

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