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Justin Gomez
Class of 2012
Education Administration and Leadership - Student Affairs

"Attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind." - Jack Harbaugh.

Every single day that you wake up, you have a choice. You can roll out of bed, go through the motions and maybe have an okay...possibly good day. Or, you can jump out of bed and attack the day like Jack Harbaugh says to and have an absolutely phenomenal day. There are so many amazing things, people, and places we get to experience in this thing that we call life that to not appreciate them as much as we can would be a disservice to every breath we are blessed to take. I choose not to just live life, I live like I'm stoked about life. From the big things, to the little things, we could all do a little better if we fully embraced the sheer awesomeness of the world we live in.

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