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Jennifer Lacombe
Class of 2015
Global Studies

Anachronism can be defined in several ways, but sometimes it is used to denote something from a past era which seems unusual in the present. As a lover of history, I try to incorporate as much anachronism as I can into my life. Sometimes modernity is overrated. In my opinion, top hats and bowlers will never go out of style. Waistcoats are glorious, quills and fountain pens are delightful, and candles are fantastic. Sword fighting should never become a lost art. I think it would be nice if we brought back the days of lengthy letter-writing and melodramatic diary-keeping. I am definitely a fan of superflous frippery and unnecessarily fancy language or outdated expressions. Dandy, for example, is a lovely word. If it is anachronistic to sit around in a top hat and nice jacket sipping tea and reading a book that was published centuries before I was born, then I suppose that sometimes I am a bit of an anachronism.

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