One Word Project

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Elizabeth Youngberg
Class of 2012

One of the hardest projects in my career at the University of the Pacific was choosing my One Word.  How could I sum myself up into just one word?  It turns out I was able to do so very successfully.  In the spring of my freshman year I came up with the word Bubbly.  At the time I was a very excited, enthusiastic and happy freshman on this campus.  I liked the idea of being like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, just a happy person who could also make others happy.  I wanted to be someone who could make others happy just by being upbeat and happy.  The word Bubbly encompassed all I hoped to bring across in my interactions with others.  And in the time since whenever I have told people my word they have given me a smile, or an understanding laugh, because that is who I am and try to be, a bubbly person.

In the almost two years since I chose my word I still believe what I originally decided was my explanation for the word Bubbly.  However in the past few years my personality has changed and how I present myself has changed.  I like to think that I have become a calmer person, just as excited to try new things or expand my horizons, but I now keep that excitement a little more in check, not being quite so bouncy and obviously excitable.  The bubbles are a little more mellow now, but still as present as ever.

This word has also taken on a new meaning for me.  I am a bit of a Disney girl, and when I was thinking about my word I thought of the scene in Disney’s Cinderella when Cinderella was scrubbing the floor and singing.  There were bubbles floating around her, singing with her.  The bubbles were still translucent, but they also carried her reflection.  I like the idea of bubbles because while you can look through them to what is coming next in whatever life brings you, they are still slightly reflective and you can always look at where you have been.  My life in the past couple of years has been one of growth and reflection, and being bubbly has allowed me to think about my time here, but also look forward to all of the excitement ahead of me.

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