About Us

The One Word Project began in the fall of 2008 as a leadership initiative designed to provide the Pacific community an opportunity to self-reflect and identify future aspirations. The project aims to develop the individual’s social and emotional competencies (SEC) which are essential in preparing Pacificans to be more self-aware members of society.

A team of student graphic designers and photographers spearhead this artistic process in order to capture honest statements of self-expression. The One Word Project invites all members of the Pacific community to self-reflect and choose one word that best describes their ideal self. Individuals are welcome to participate in walk-in photoshoots where they can express their word in a portrait. 
Soon after, participants receive an aesthetic black and white photograph with their chosen
word placed next to them.

Today, the project is widely known by faculty, staff, alumni, and current students, whose
participation celebrates the diversity of cultures, individuals, and ideas within the campus. The One Word website highlights many members of the Pacific One Word Community, with new individuals added every month. We invite you to visit our website to view the entire One Word gallery and a complete listing of photoshoot dates.

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